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Fifth in ERC 2015, Tarabus&Trunkát heading even higher in 2016!

Even after the final event, Rallye Du Valais, the prestigious fifth place in the overall classification of the FIA European Rally Championship 2015 still belongs to the Czech crew Jaromír Tarabus – Daniel Trunkát. ”T&T” will be seen in the events of the FIA European Rally Championship 2016 again and they will make every effort to more than follow this success.

The Moravian crew Jaromír Tarabus – Daniel Trunkát have achieved the fifth place in this year European Rally Championship in the overall classification. The full half of their six starts in ERC 2015 finished with the fourth place. In two other cases they managed to take the seventh and eighth places respectively. The only withdrawal in this season encountered the crew in the domestic Barum Czech Rally Zlín due to an incongruity of refuelling. The completed season briefly summarizes driver Jaromír Tarabus: ”The fourth places reached in Austria, Cyprus and Greece are definitely enjoyable success. At the same time, we are aware of a considerable gap between us and the racers on the leading positions, so we still have a lot of work before us to improve. In Ireland and Belgium we had "a good luck in bad luck" when were out of the track in both the competitions. It always cost much time and loss of several positions, but at the same time, we were not far from withdrawals in both cases. So even with regard to this we are happy about the final result of the season. It was the first time we started in both those competitions, so we may be able to profit by the new experience next year.“

”Generally, we consider this season as successful with a streak of good luck but also with some situations that could have been handled better. Next year, we will try to attack the podium places in the overall FIA ERC classification. Although, of course, we know that if we want to achieve such success under the current competition, everything will have to work for 100% from the beginning of the year to the end. Let´s hope modern technology in the form of a new car of category R5, which we did not have at disposal this year, with the exception of the unhappy Barum Rally, will help us,“ sets the co-driver and crew manager in one person Daniel Trunkát the bold goal for year 2016, and continues: ”Also in next year we will continue in using the service of Kresta Racing team. Roman Kresta´s experience with setting a car and the quality of his team are priceless for us even after four years of co-operation. Let´s hope, then, we will manage to celebrate the jubilee fifth year of the co-operation with the best possible results next season. For us I can promise that we will try to be even “faster and better” next year! ;-)“

”On this place, we would like to thank all our sponsors and partners without whom our participation in the European Rally Championship would not have been possible. We are happy that we as the Czech Republic representatives have not failed to meet expectations, and we thank Autoklub of the Czech Republic for their support. And, of course, we cannot forget our fans who crossed fingers for us at the tracks as well as at home in front of computer and TV screens,“ closes Jaromír Tarabus and Daniel Trunkát their look back at this year season and prospect for the next season at the same time.

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